Travel Ideas in the Time of Corona - Suggestions Welcome

Since you are here we can safety assume that you love travel and are probably adjusting to the cancellation of at least one planned trip this summer. We we're planning to do a road trip in Scotland and take part in an archaeological dig of a Bronze Age village which is something that has been on the bucket list for quite a while. Unfortunately with the COVID-19 situation the UK has implemented a 14 day quarantine for all travelers which makes international travel much more difficult. Even travelling inside your own country is difficult with hotels and many facilities still closed and long distance travel not recommended to reduce the potential spread of the virus.

With our plans upended we spent a while brainstorming ideas about how we might travel in the next few months and thought we'd share some of our thoughts. If you have any ideas we missed please drop a comment as we'd love to hear them.

Idea #1 - Rent an RV.

Crossing the country in an RV has always been one of those things we thought we might do when we are older but the Corona situation makes the idea seem like a very good one right now. An RV is almost perfect for safe virus free travel as you are really self contained only needing to occasionally stop for food and more frequently for gas. There is no risk of staying in hotels and all the sites you are free to visit national parks and out door spaces where social distancing is very easy. The big downside of RV travel is the cost. Having priced out the rental and gas it is far from the affordable summer trip you might be expecting but if your budget allows it is definitely a viable option. The challenge is depending on where you live crossing state boundaries may not be recommended depending on the virus situation. 

Idea #2 - Car Camping.

Car camping is essentially the RV idea but on a budget. Take the car we already own throw the hiking gear and tent in the back and head off on a road trip. The tent may not be as comfortable as the RV but the price is right and it will avoid any concerns about hotel rooms. The big advantage to car camping over RV travel is you can travel to more remote areas that would be inaccessible to an RV and potentially avoid the crowds a little better. The downside is of course that you won't have access to your own shower or a bathrooms so you will have to use public facilities which will require planning ahead to make it work. We are planning a short car camping trip later in the summer.

Idea #3 - Overnight Hiking.

If you want to really avoid the crowds there is pretty much no better idea then grabbing the backpack and heading into the woods for a few days. This one really depends on your comfort level but having done multi day hiking trips in the past I can highly recommend it as a way to unwind and see some scenery that is truly special as well as just disconnect from the world. We are also planning a couple of nights of hiking locally in July.

Idea #4 - Rent a Cabin in the Woods.

If the idea of moving around constantly or carrying everything on your back doesn't appeal ranting a cabin in the woods for a relaxing week away might be ideal. The downside here is that a lot of people who wouldn't have previously been interested in renting a cabin are now looking at doing so and the availability is very low. We were lucky enough to book a cabin for a few days in June earlier in the year so we will be able to take advantage. The big perk of a cabin if you are already working from home is that if you can get one with wifi (shockingly common) working remotely is actually possible. The downside of course is the cost which is not cheap.

Idea #5 - See the Local Sites.

There is a weird phenomenon that when you live somewhere you rarely visit the local attractions. This year is a great opportunity to change that and take advantage of all your local city has to offer. This has the advantage of being drastically cheaper then destination travel and it will help your local economy. The one downside we've discovered is that pretty much everyone is planning to do this and tickets and reservations to everything are in short supply.

Idea #6 - Travel Virtually

Yes reading travel books and watching travel movies is no replacement for the real thing but given where the world is right now it might be the best option. We'll be putting together a list of our favorites in a future blog post so if you have any suggestions please let us know in the comments. A similar idea would be to take advantage of the new found free-time and dedicate one night a week to cooking a cuisine you've never tried to cook before. Obviously you'll probably get it very wrong but the learning is half the fun and you'll only appreciate the real thing more when you get to try it. 

Take care and Stay Safe,