Our Travel Bucket List

With international travel off the menu for the next little while at least I've taken the time to re-evaluate my travel bucket list and add a few more items. I've included the full list below and will be looping back with tips and tricks for all the ones that I've already completed as time permits. 

The list reflects a lot of our specific interests so it might not appeal to everyone but if you have a destination that you'd recommend drop it in the comments. You'll see a lot of museums, aviation, astronomy and technology stuff on the list so if those specifically interest you it might be worth copying.

At a high level the list can be divided into two major categories: Destinations, and Events and Activities. Destinations are typically the easiest in that they only require you to travel somewhere. Events and Activities can be a lot more challenging in that you probably need to travel somewhere at a potentially specific time and then hope that the weather and other factors go your way.

In terms of how to start crossing items off the list I find that planning trips specifically around events and activities then fitting as many destinations into them is the way to go since events are just that much harder to actually make happen.

Over time we'll be adding posts on places we've been as well as the tips and tricks we've learned. We'll also be posting about trips we are planning so follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay in touch.

Our Bucket List:

  1. See the Giants Causeway - Complete
  2. Visit Paris - Complete
  3. Visit Rome - Complete
  4. Visit London - Complete
  5. Visit Washington - Complete
  6. Visit New Orleans - Complete
  7. See the Paris Catacombs - Complete
  8. Climb the Eiffel Tower - Complete
  9. Go on a Safari - Complete 
  10. Visit Hoover Dam - Complete
  11. See the Serengeti - Complete
  12. See Ngorongoro Crater - Complete
  13. Visit NewGrange - Complete
  14. Drive through the Badlands of Southern Alberta - Complete 
  15. Visit Stonehenge - Complete
  16. Walk on Hadrian’s Wall - Complete
  17. Visit Sagrada Familia - Complete
  18. Swim with Stingrays in the Cayman Islands - Complete
  19. See the Wildebeest Migration - Complete 
  20. See Whales in the wild - Complete 
  21. Climb Kilimanjaro - Complete
  22. See the Southern Cross - Completed
  23. Drink a Guinness in Dublin - Complete
  24. Drink Scotch in Scotland - Complete
  25. Drive the Oregon Coast - Complete
  26. See the Colosseum in Rome - Complete
  27. See the Spruce Goose - Evergreen Air and Space Museum - Complete
  28. Vatican Underground - Complete
  29. See a Space Shuttle Launch - Complete
  30. Visit Disneyland - Complete
  31. See the Pantheon - Complete
  32. See Emperor Qinshihuang's Mausoleum (Terracotta Warriors) - Complete
  33. Attend the Olympics - Complete
  34. Ride a Maglev - Complete
  35. Drive through the Rockies - Complete
  36. Hike the West Coast Trail - Complete
  37. Visit the Museum of Modern Art New York - Complete
  38. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art - Complete
  39. Visit the Guggenheim - Complete
  40. Visit the Musée du Louvre - Complete
  41. Visit the Vatican Museums - Complete
  42. Visit the Vatican Catacombs - Complete
  43. Visit the the Victoria & Albert Museum - Complete
  44. See the Perseid Meteor Shower - Complete
  45. Visit the British Museum - Complete
  46. Visit the Shanghai Museum - Complete
  47. Visit the Natural History Museum, London  - Complete
  48. Visit the Natural History Museum, New York  - Complete
  49. Visit the National Air and Space Museum in Washington - Complete
  50. Visit the Deutsches Museum - Complete
  51. Visit the Science Museum, London  - Complete
  52. Visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum - Complete
  53. See an Solar Eclipse - Complete
  54. See a Lunar Eclipse - Complete
  55. See Tower Bridge - Complete
  56. See Hale Bopp comet - Complete
  57. See Comet Shoemaker–Levy 9  - Complete
  58. See Halley's Comet - Complete
  59. Walk on the Great Wall - Complete
  60. Go on a multi day Kayak trip - Scheduled July 2020
  61. See NEOWiSE Comet - Scheduled July 2020
  62. Volunteer on an Archaeological Dig - Scheduled Aug 2021
  63. See the Stratolaunch
  64. Visit Iran
  65. Visit Hagia Sophia
  66. Visit Eles Island 
  67. See the Bonneville salt flats 
  68. Drive through the Smokey Mountains 
  69. Visit Dollywood
  70. Visit Antarctica 
  71. Visit the South Pole 
  72. Visit Three Gorges Dam
  73. Visit the Aleutian Islands 
  74. Visit the Glass Desert
  75. See the Pyramids
  76. Visit Red Square in Moscow, Russia.
  77. Visit the Hermitage Museum
  78. Visit Westminster Chapel
  79. Visit Stratford-upon-Avon
  80. Visit Beunos Aries
  81. Travel through the Channel Tunnel
  82. Ride a Gondola in Venice, Italy
  83. Visit a hill city in northern Italy
  84. Hike in the Amazon
  85. Take a Cruise
  86. Visit Machu Picchu
  87. Explore the Paleolithic Cave Art in Altamira
  88. Travel around the world
  89. Visit Easter Island
  90. Visit India
  91. Tour the Neuschwanstein Castle
  92. Drive on the Autobahn
  93. Drive down the Italian Coast
  94. Hike to Mount Everest Base Camp
  95. Tour the White House 
  96. Compete in the Peking to Paris Rally 
  97. Walk on the Moon 
  98. See the earth from space
  99. Find an ancient coin
  100. Sail in the Mediterranean
  101. Sail on the SeaCloud
  102. Float in the dead sea
  103. Visit Petra, Jordan
  104. Visit Tianzi Mountains, China
  105. Visit Angkor Wat, Cambodia
  106. Visit Hang Son Doong, Vietnam
  107. Visit Cave in Algarve, Portugal
  108. See the Acropolis
  109. Visit the Van Gogh Museum
  110. Visit the Getty Villa + Getty Center, Los Angeles
  111. Visit Pompeii
  112. Visit Laurentum
  113. Visit Dubrovnik, Croatia
  114. Visit Salzburg
  115. Visit Carcassonne, France
  116. Visit Panama Canal
  117. Visit the Taj Mahal
  118. Visit Victoria Falls